Work Your Worries Away

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Question and Wonder:

I wonder what you are most worried about? (i.e. getting sick, not ever being able to see Grandma again)

I wonder if there is anything that scares you?  (i.e. monsters under my bed, the dark, loud noises)

I wonder what would help you worry less or be less scared?  (i.e. knowing we are all wearing masks and understanding how germs can and can’t get through our masks, something that scares away under-bed monsters before bedtime)

Imagine and Design:

Name your worry and draw a picture or build a model of it.  (i.e. the best mask ever)

Brainstorm some ways we can tame our worry and make it less scary. (i.e. wearing headphones during the loud parts of a movie, a wand we can wave under the bed to shoo away the monsters before getting in bed)

Add to your picture or your model.

Take action!  Collaborate with your child to design a new household routine that helps face the fear.

Test and Discuss:

After following your new routine for a few days, how does the worry or fear feel now?

Discuss, design and repeat.  Fears and worries will change over time.

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