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It is often easy to think that your grandmother or great, great uncle lived exactly how you live now, however a lot has changed since they were your age.

Question and Wonder:

  • How do you think things were different 20 years ago? 50? 100?
  • Can you imagine what your house would have looked like then? What is different? The same?
  • Why do things change over the years?
  • What things change the most?
  • Does anything stay the same? What? Why do you think that?

Ask your grandparent, great uncle or aunt, or other older relative or family friend to take a tour of your house with you. Talk about the things you see like appliances and furniture. Discuss the changes.

Imagine and Design:

  • Ask how things are different then when they were your age. Talk about those changes.
  • If your house is newer, maybe it wasn’t even built when they were your age. How has the neighborhood changed?
  • Were you right about the things that changed the most?
  • How were their lives different from yours?
  • Which do you think was better? Their time or yours? Why?

Use the internet, photo albums, library books or other resources to find pictures of your town from the past.

Test and Discuss:

  • What changes surprised you?
  • Noting the things that changed and the things that did not, talk about how you think things will change in the next 20 years…50 years…100 years.
  • Write down your ideas….how many things did you get right? Only time will tell!

Did You Know?

Explore some other ways to discover your family’s history:

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