What's that in the Sky?

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Question and Wonder:

• Why is the sky blue? Is it always blue? How does the sky change?
• Where do clouds come from? Why are clouds different shapes? Colors?
• Is that a bird or a plane? What else flies?
• How many stars are in the sky? Are the stars always the same?


Imagine and Design:

• Take a blanket out to the yard or nearby park. Lay on it and look at the sky.
• Make shapes out of clouds.
• Count stars. Notice how some are brighter than others.
• Hold tube up to baby’s eye and help them isolate a cloud or star or other object in the sky and track it.


Test and Discuss:

Did you Know?
Your baby may not answer your questions or even understand all you say, but they are hearing your words, gaining vocabulary and learning it is okay to wonder and ask questions. You are feeding their natural curiosity.

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