What's in my Room?

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Question and Wonder:

  • Where did the things in your room come from?
  • Who chose them?
  • What are the different things for?
  • I wonder if it will always look like this…
  • What things do you like the best? Why?

Imagine and Design:

  • Take a picture of baby in their room. Do this every few months and track the changes – favorite toys, bed, etc.
  • Talk about the things that are in the room and where they came from. “Your grandmother made that blanket for you because….”
  • That table is where I put you to change your diaper.
  • When you get bigger……

As your baby grows and you begin to notice their favorite things, talk about them.

Test and Discuss:

  • You really like _____. Does that color make you feel happy?
  • _______ seems to be your favorite toy. What do you like doing with your toy the most?
  • I love to read to you. What do you think of this story?
  • Share the changing photos and talk about the changes.
  • Baby may not be old enough to answer, but talk through the answers with them. Give them the vocabulary to frame their thoughts.

Did you Know:

When children hear more words, it helps to improve their understanding of language, and increases the number and variety of words that they can understand and use. And it’s not just about better language skills. Talking with babies helps their brains develop and can help children do better at school when they’re older.

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