Our Senses

What Makes You Tick?

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Question and Wonder:

  • What makes your child smile and laugh?
  • What gets and keeps your child’s attention?
  • What gets your child excited?
  • What are your child’s favorite things to do?
  • What does your child work hard at doing?
  • What “brings out the best” in your child?
  • What gets your child to try new things?
  • What does your child choose to do most often?

Imagine and Design:

  • What do you notice?
  • How would you group things?
  • Your child probably has favorite THINGS such as big trucks, dogs, water, or a go-to food. These are called personal interests.
  • Other interests might emerge when something about an activity, person or material is suddenly engaging or attractive in the moment. These are called situational interests.

Imagine a child who loves cars. She loves to be in the car at any time and for any reason, has a bin of toy cars that she always wants to play with, and sits on the front porch steps to watch the cars drive up and down her street. This child has a personal interest in cars. Now imagine a child who is buckled into his car seat during an errand. Suddenly, an engine revs loudly and a brightly colored sports car races by the window. He squeals with delight at the excitement and energy he feels from the sight, sound and physical rumble next to him. This is a situational interest in cars that has happened at that moment when all his senses were put on alert due to the revving, fast-moving car.

Test and Discuss:

Which of your child’s interests….
• occur most often?
• fit easily into your family’s schedule?
• provide good opportunities for learning?

How can you use your daily routines to promote and expand on these interests?  For example, if your child likes cars you might think about…
• going to the car wash
• filling up the car with gas
• reading books about cars
• playing with cars during play time
• pointing out cool cars when you drive together

And then use those experiences to promote conversation, creative play and budding imagination!

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