What I Love About Me

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Question and Wonder:

I wonder what you love about yourself?  I wonder what parts of your body you like?  I wonder why? I wonder what things you enjoy doing?  I wonder what makes those things enjoyable?  I wonder what makes you happy?  I wonder how happiness feels and what it looks like?

Imagine and Design:

Do you love the shape or color of your eyes?  Do you enjoy jumping because your legs are strong?  Does music make you happy and can you feel it tickle your belly and your throat? Think about all the things you love about yourself, all the things you can do that make you happy and why.  Draw yourself doing or being in these ways.  Give your drawings labels, or have an adult help you with that part.   Share your view of yourself with someone in your family.

Test and Discuss:

Can you put several of your drawings together to make a story about what you love about you?

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