Weather Rock

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Question and Wonder:

  •  How can you tell what the weather will be?
  • What are clues you can look for?
  • How does the weather effect the things outside?
  • Why does the weather change?
  • Where do you think the rock came from?

Find a rock that is small enough for you to pick up, but big enough to see when you look out the window. Find a notebook you can use as a journal. At the beginning of each day, use your journal to write down your predictions  for the next day’s weather. Add drawings of your rock and your predictions.

Extension: Decorate your rock with paints or markers and journal the effects of weather on the decoration as well as the rock.

Imagine and Design:

  • What do you think would happen to your rock in a snowstorm?  When it rains? Why?
  •  How will you make your predictions? What tools or resources will you use?
  •  How will decorating your rock change those predictions?

Test and Discuss:

  • How accurate was your prediction? What was different?
  •  Do you think raining for a whole week will change how your rock is effected? Why?
  •  Can you see the changes happen from your window? Why?
  • What can you notice on closer examination? What tools can you use to look for changes?

Did you Know?

Learn about weather folklore:

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