Waterfront Park

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    1-2 hours

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    A Little Messy

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What to Expect:

City destination with walking paths, water features, kids’ play areas, vast lawns & public art. 

Take a picture with a sassy bird.

Visit the Flock of Finns and take a selfie with one of Kentucky folk artist Marvin Finn’s colorful winged creations.

Walk across the Big Four® Bridge

Enjoy views from the Big Four® that you won’t find anywhere else. From the foot of the ramp in Waterfront Park to the foot of the ramp in Jeffersonville and back is a 2-mile round trip.

Make a play date for your kids

Visit the original Children’s Play Area to enjoy the wonderful views of the Great Lawn and downtown Louisville while the kids play.

Click HERE for a map of what is included at Waterfront Park.

Click HERE for TARC bus Routes.

Question and Wonder:

What types of boats do you think you will see on the Ohio River?

Do you think the Ohio River sometimes comes into parts of the park?

Have you ever been to Indiana? Did you know you can walk over the river to Indiana?

There are a lot of water features there. Why do you think they are there?

There are lots of biking and walking paths. Did you see more runners or cyclists or walkers while there?

Discussion and Conversations

Which type of boat, from the ones you saw, would you want travel on, on the Ohio River?

What was it like looking down on the river from the Big Four Bridge? Did the river look bigger or smaller?

If you were to design your own park, what things would be in it for people to do and see?

Things to do when you get home

Draw a picture of your favorite thing there.

If you took pictures make a slide show to share with family and friends.

Create a mini park in your backyard or at a playground using things you find outdoors.



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