Threading Beads

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    < 1 hour

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    A Little Messy

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Question and Wonder:

Assemble the supplies on the table and wonder aloud about what you might do with them.

Explore the supplies: look, touch, smell and talk about what you observe together.

What do you think we could make?

What about making something with hair, or a fairie forest, or an animal with spikes?

Imagine and Design:

Shape the clay into a form, or even just a sturdy lump.

Should we make a face?  Should we add to in any way?

Where should we put the sticks (or the pipe cleaners)?

Should we add more?

Test and Discuss:

Let’s use the beads to decorate.  Demonstrate how to thread a bead onto the sticks or pipe cleaners.

How are you coming?  You look like you are really concentrating!

How are you deciding which color(s) to use?

Should we change our design or add to it in any way?  What else could we make?

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