The Gift of Giving

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Start with a Story:

Pick up a copy of “Flower Garden” by Eve Bunting at your local library. How do you show your parents kindness?

Question and Wonder:

  • What makes the world beautiful?
  • How do people, places and things show kindness to each other and the world?
  • Imagine a bouquet of flowers. If you could give them to anyone, who would that person be?

Imagine and Design:

  • How can you turn your imagination into a gift?
  • How does getting a gift make you feel?
  • Draw a picture that makes you feel happy. Share it with a friend.
  • Why does it make you feel that way?
  • How can you give that feeling to someone else?

Use the items listed above and your imagination to create a work of art for a friend or family member. Think about the kinds of things they like, the things that make them happy.

Wrap your art as a gift and give it to them.

Test and Discuss:

  • How do you think your gift will make a friend feel?
  • How did it make you feel to see how they responded to your gift?
  • What does this tell you about small acts of kindness?
  • What other ways can you use art or creativity to show kindness to others?

Did you know?

Doing good doesn’t just help others. It boosts your child’s confidence, happiness, and health too. Read more about raising a giving child here:




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