Song Stories

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Question and Wonder:

  • How can you tell a story with music?
  • Do different instruments tell different stories?
  • How are instruments like voices? Why do you think that?
  • Will all your stories be the same no matter what type of music you listen to?
  • What kind of story needs loud music? Soft? Why?

Make a playlist of instrumental songs. Try starting with the music from some of your favorite movies. Ask your family or friends for suggestions too.

Imagine and Design:

  •  How do you think each of the songs will make you feel?
  • Why do you think they chose that music at that moment in the movie? How did it make the scene better?
  • How will the different kinds of music effect if your story is happy or sad?
  • What instrument sound makes a good hero? Villain? Friend?
  • What about action? What kind of music tells an action story?

Listen to the songs you have chosen with your eyes closed. Then listen to them again ready to write or draw your song stories.

Test and Discuss:

  • How did closing your eyes help you to visualize your story?
  • Who are your characters, what are they doing, and how does your story begin and end?
  • Did you have an idea of what story you would write before you listened to the music? Did it change after you listened? How? Why?
  • Do you need the words to tell the story?

Did You Know?

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