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Question and Wonder:

  • What animal are we looking at?
  • What is this animal doing? Are they looking for something? Do they have any friends near them?
  • Where else do you think they might live?

Imagine and Design:

  • Imagine where your animal goes. Does it travel far away? Does it stay nearby?
  • How do they find food?
  • Use the app to see if you can find the same type of animal somewhere else in the world. Where did you find it? Was it called by the same name?

Test and Discuss:

  • Think and talk about where different animals and plants might live in the world. Using the map, move to different parts of the world and see if you were right!
  • Look at how plants and animals change in different parts of the world.

Did you know?

Did you know that different parts of the world have different animals and plants living there? You might see a lot of cardinals in your backyard, but go to another part of the country and you won’t see them. Do you ever see a lion in your backyard? Probably not, but a child in Africa may see them everyday.

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