Signs of Change

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Question and Wonder:

  • What are signs for?
  • What information do they have?
  • Which signs do you think are the most useful?
  • How any signs do you think you can spot in your neighborhood? Driving on the interstate?
  • Do you think those signs always say the same things?

Take a walk or drive around your neighborhood. Keep a lookout for any signs.

Imagine and Design:

  • What signs did you see? What were they for?
  • Were they all on poles? or???
  • What are the signs made of? Who made them?
  • Who changes the signs? When do they change them?
  • What signs do you think change the most often? Why?

Take pictures of the signs you see around you. Wait a week and look again. Compare what you see with your pictures. If you don’t have a camera, draw the signs you see.

Wait another week and do it again. Track the changes. Talk about them.

Test and Discuss:

  • Did the signs stay the same? Which changed?
  • Why do you think those signs changed? Are they the ones you thought?
  • Did you find the information on the signs useful? How did you use it?
  • What shapes and colors did you notice? When are those shapes and colors used?  
  • Design a sign for your room using the poster board.
  • What shape will it be? What will it say? Will you use words or symbols?

Did you Know?

“As young children begin keying into symbols, they are making a huge conceptual leap; they’re learning that a “picture” can convey a message.” Read the full article here :




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