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Sign Spotting

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Question and Wonder:

  • Why do some road signs have words and some only pictures?
  • What are the signs for? How do you know what they are telling you?
  • Why do we need road signs?
  • Why are some signs only for driving?

Imagine and Design:

  • What would happen if there were no street signs?
  • Does each street sign have its own meaning?
  • What do you think people will do when they see the signs? What will cars do? Will they do the same things?

Take a walk or drive around your neighborhood and draw or take a picture of any street signs you see. If you see any cars driving by or people walking, be sure to pay attention to what they do around the street signs.

Test and Discuss:

  • How many signs did you see? Could you tell what they said? How?
  • Did you see any cars? Any people? Did they react to the signs like you thought they would?
  • Where were the signs placed? Why are they placed in those spots?
  • What colors are most of the signs? Are they bright or dull colors? Why?
  • Design your own street signs. What will they say? How will they say it? How will people know what to do when they see them?

Did you Know?

Street signs are used as a form of communication. What other ways do people communicate with each other?

Some people use their hands to communicate because they cannot hear. This is called sign language! Learn some fun sign language words here: https://www.parenting.com/activities/baby/baby-sign-language-words-to-know/

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