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Question and Wonder:


  • What would your room look like if you could design it any way you wanted?
  • What if you could put it anyplace?
  • Would you want furniture or open space?
  • What would you sleep on?
  • How would your bedroom look if it was outside?
  • I wonder how much space there is in my room.

Use your measuring tape to figure out the area, or how much space you have to work with. First measure the length of your room by feet and then the width, also by feet. Multiply those two numbers together to give you the total area!

Imagine and Design:

  • Could you add more furniture or change the furniture you have?
  • What other items can you imagine being in your room? For example, could you imagine a slide at the end of your bed or maybe a secret passageway in your closet?
  • If you could have any color room that wanted, what would it be? How do you think that color would look during the day versus at night?

Measure the furniture and other items in your room. Using all your measurements, design your new bedroom. Remember it can look any way you want. Make sure everything will fit. Share your design with your family and friends.


Test and Discuss:

  • What would it take to make your dream room a reality?
  • What are some changes to your room you could make now? Test out your ideas!
  • Do you like your room better the new way? Why?

Did you Know?

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