My View. Our View. Their View.

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Question and Wonder:

  • Is what you see from your window looking out the same from outside looking in? What changes?
  • How does where you are standing change what you see?
  • What if you lie down? Stand on your head? Peek through your fingers?
  • Take pictures of your house from lots of different vantage points – standing sitting, crouching, upside down, close, far away. Do the same looking down your street at your neighbors’ homes.

Imagine and Design:

  • Compare the images you took. What do you notice about them?
  • How can you tell where you were when you took the picture? What position you were in?
  • What other ways can you change your point of view?

Test and Discuss:

  • When others take pictures from the same spot, do you think they will capture the same things you did? How will their pictures differ? Be the same?
  • Is there anything you noticed in your photos that you never noticed before? Talk about it. Why do you think you ever saw it before?
  • Play with the arrangement of your images. How does each arrangement change the look?

Did You Know?

Children are naturally curious and photography is a great way to explore that curiosity. Follow the link below for some ideas on how to get started.


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