Movement Challenge

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Question and Wonder:

When I move what parts of my body am I using?

What movements are easy to do? Why?

What movements are difficult to do? Why?

Imagine and Design:

Imagine different movements you think you can try together!

What are some movements you could practice and eventually be able to do?

Test and Discuss:

With Infants: as your child begins to sit up, you can offer your fingertips as a gentle guide between teetering backward and finding their own balanced seated position.  This works the core and helps develop a sense of balance.

With toddlers: do stork stands together.  With hands on hips, stand on one leg and raise the other. Balance there.  Then stretch the bent knee out, without letting the foot touch the ground.  Balance again.  As this gets easier, stretch arms to the side or even overhead as you try.  Switch legs.

With preschoolers:  walk a line on the pavement.  Have your child stand on the line and then put one foot several feet forward on the line, with the leg in a lunge position.  Stay there for as long as they can.  Then move forward with the other foot to a lunge.  And so forth.  Lunging down the line.  For more challenge, find a log or board or beam to walk along that is raised just off the ground.

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