Make a Sock Puppet

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Question and Wonder:

  • How can you tell a story with puppets?
  • What would you need?
  • Why use puppets?
  • Does the story decide what puppets you need to tell it? Why?

Grab some old socks, scissors, safety pins, glue and items to decorate your puppet like buttons, pom poms, pieces of fabric, yarn, or feathers. Lay your materials out on  table or flat surface.

If I make a puppet show, how many puppets do I need?

You can always do a puppet show with one puppet! But you can also bring your family in on the fun and make multiple puppets for an even bigger show. Think about what kind of story you want to tell, and then decide how many puppets you need. Maybe start small, then as you have time, add to your puppet collection and store them to use over and over!

Imagine and Design:

  • Put a sock on your hand and move it around? How does that help decide where the eyes nose and mouth should be?
  • How will use your decorations to bring your puppet to life?
  • What kind of voice will it have?
  • Will it tell the story by itself or do you need more puppets? Why?
  • What will they look like?
  • If your puppet is a person, does have hair? What color is it?
  • What could you use to make your puppet fancy?

Now that you have your plan, make your puppet(s). Before you glue things down, play with the arrangement until it looks just like you want.

Test and Discuss:

  • Use your puppets and tell your story for your family and friends.
  • Which puppet is your favorite? Why?
  • Was it hard to come up with different voices for your puppets?
  • Did all of them talk or did some of them growl or bark or purr or…?
  • What other things can you make puppets from?
  • How about making a puppet theater? What could you use?

Here’s a link to an easy cardboard puppet theater you can make yourself:

Incredibly Easy DIY Puppet Theater From Cardboard Box

Did You Know?

Role playing encourages imagination and creativity, supports social and emotional development, improves language and communication skills, and helps develop problem solving skills.

Fun socks make fun puppets! See if you can find unique socks to use, but ask permission first! Here are some extra ideas on other sock puppets.

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