Louisville Water Tower

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What to expect?

  • Located at River Road and Zorn Avenue, drive through a large field for parking located right next to the Water Tower and museum.
  • The WaterWorks Museum will give a brief history of the first contributions to safe drinking water and how it has changed due to science and engineering innovations.
  • Options to schedule a tour with a group of 10 or more if scheduled in advance.
  • Time to spend there: 30 minutes – 1 hour
  • Travel Time: 10 minutes from downtown Louisville
  • Visit online at

Question and Wonder:

  • Why do you think the first pumping station is located right on the river?
  • Where do you think you will find other stations and towers throughout the city?
  • How do you think water gets into your home?
  • Where did it come from originally?

Discussion and Conversations:

  • Does water react to all materials the same way? Why do you think that?
  • How does water change the appearance of those materials over time?
  • Investigate some of the materials the Louisville Water Company has used in the past for their piping. What changed and why?


  • When you leave the Water Tower, travel up Zorn Avenue. What do you notice about the road? Between the two roads are water pipes that connect the Louisville Water Park to the Crescent Hill Water Plant. How do you think they get the water to travel uphill?
  • Using PVC pipes and a water hose, create a model of how your water would travel.
  • Were all of your pipes going straight or did they sometimes have to go uphill or downhill?
  • How would that change how fast or slow your water travels?

Did you Know?

The earliest water supply systems started in Rome. Water had to sometimes travel 20 to 50 miles. Find a map of Louisville and trace your finger starting at the river and to your home.


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