Living Room Roller Coasters

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    A Little Messy

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Question and Wonder:

  • How far do you think your marble can go? Try rolling it on a flat piece of floor. What happened?
  • Hold a toilet paper roll at an angle off the floor and drop your marble through. How did the distance your marble traveled change?

Imagine and Design:

  • Where will your marble coaster start? Why did you start there? Does it help your marble go further or faster?
  • How will your marble get all the way to the end of your coaster? Are there other items you need to add to give your marble energy? What are they?

Test and Discuss:

  • Put together a test coaster for your marble. Did the marble do what you expected it to do?
  • Discuss what changes you need to or want to make to your coaster. Test it out again!

Did you Know?

Want help planning your roller coaster or an extension to an existing design? Check out Nat Geo’s video on Roller Coasters.

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