Chalk Talk

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Question and Wonder:

  • When you feel nervous or scared, what makes you feel better?
  • Are there words or images that make you feel more comfortable?
  • I wonder if certain colors make us feel better…
  • Does everyone like to be encouraged? Why do you think that?

Imagine and Design

  • How can you share words of encouragement with people you don’t know?
  • What kinds of pictures can you draw that would make people feel good?
  • Where could you share them?

Grab some sidewalk chalk and draw pictures or write positive messages on the sidewalk around your neighborhood. Leave some chalk behind for others to add to your messages. Keep an eye out for how your messages affect those around you.

Test and Discuss:

  • Have you seen anyone stop and read your words of encouragement? Admire your pictures?
  • Did these words make anyone smile?
  • Has anyone added to your picture? or message?
  • What other ways can you think of to encourage others?

Did you Know?

We know that positive words can go a long way and that often you just need a cheerleader to help you get through a time of nervousness.  Anytime that we go through a change, whether it’s a new school, a new sport or even worries about a family member or friend, we can be overcome with anxiety.  Positive words can ease those butterflies and make you more confident to face the changes!

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