It’s for the Birds

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    1-2 hours

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    A Little Messy

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Question and Wonder:

  • What kinds of birds live in your area?
  • What do they eat?
  • How do they find food?
  • How can you help them find food?

Ask an adult to help you research what types of birds live in your area. There are many kinds of birds all over the world, and many choose where to live based on weather, temperature and food supply! Now that you know what types of birds to look for, see if you can spot them in your neighborhood.

Imagine and Design:

  • What things can you use to feed the birds?
  • How could you build a bird feeder?
  • What kind of food can you put in it? Do birds eat the same things you do?(use the link below to see what birds eat)
  • Where could you put it? When you were watching the birds, did you notice a good spot?
  • What kinds of birds do you think will use it?
  • Hang the pine one from a high surface, such as a tree or a porch.
  • Make several more to share with your neighbors—they make great gifts!

Make a bird feeder according to your design and hang it where the birds can get to it. Watch what happens. Here’s an idea to get you started:

Test and Discuss:

  • How many birds came your feeder?
  • Did any other animals use it? Who? Why?
  • When do the most birds come to the feeder? Why do you think that is?
  • What other things can you use to feed the birds?

Did You Know?

Birds have a specific diet, so you can’t feed them just anything! Here is a great guide to what birds can eat and what they should avoid:

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