Inner Motion

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Question and Wonder:

  • What is moving inside your body even when you are standing still?
  • Are there things inside you that move all the time? What are they?
  • How can you tell they are moving?
  • Why are they moving? What are they doing?
  • Is there any body part you can see that moves when you are still? What is it?


Imagine and Design:

  • What are ways you can feel, hear, or see the things inside your body that move?
  • What tools do doctors use to “see” those things?
  • How can you track those movements?
  • Could you make tools that do what a doctor’s tools do? How? What could you use?

Stand perfectly still in front of a mirror. What do you notice? Is anything moving? Lay down on the floor or your bed and put a book on your chest. Keeping your eyes on the book, lay still. What do you see?


Make a stethoscope: Put the small end of the funnel inside the tube and secure with the tape. Place the wide end of the funnel flat against a partner’s chest and put your ear against the other end.

Test and Discuss:

  • What did you hear through your stethoscope?
  • How does that tell you the heart is moving?
  • How does the book on your chest show you the movement of your breathing?
  • What other ways can you tell your heart is beating?
  • Why is your heart beating? What is it doing?
  • Does your heartbeat change when you move? How?
  • What about your breath?
  • When you looked in the mirror did you see anything moving?
  • Are you aware of your heart beating? Eyes blinking? Lungs breathing? Why?
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