I Can Make a Difference!

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    1-2 hours

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Question and Wonder:

  • Who do you see planting flowers or working in their yard?
  • Do you think you could help? How?
  • What would happen if you got a group of neighbors together to freshen things up?
  • I wonder what could use some freshening up around your street? neighborhood? Park?
  • Where can you find places to volunteer?

Talk to your parent or caregiver about things that would make your neighborhood better. Pick one thing and make a plan. Check out the link in the Did you know section for ideas on projects and places you can volunteer.

Imagine and Design:

  • Who could you ask to help? How will you contact them?
  • Maybe there is an agency you where you could volunteer like a nursing home or homeless shelter.
  • What tools will you need?
  • Where can you get them?
  • If freshening up a neighborhood space, what do you want the space to look like?
  • Maybe it only needs the trash thrown away or recycled….How can you organize to get that done?
  • Think about what you would do first.
  • Maybe the space could use some new plants, a coat of paint, or…? How would you work that out?

Once you have your plan, talk to your workers and pool your resources.  Or contact the agency where you want to volunteer and get details – make sure they are kid friendly. Then set a date and get to work!

Test and Discuss:

  • How did it work out?
  • What benefits do you see from working together to get something done?
  • Did you make new friends? Meet new neighbors?
  • How did you change your neighborhood or community for the better?
  • What other things can you do?

Did you Know?

You are never to young to start giving back to your community and it promotes social awareness, empathy and a giving heart. Click the link for ideas to get you started:

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