Feelings Wall

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Question and Wonder:

I wonder how many feelings we have in a day, or a week?

I wonder how our body helps us know what we are feeling?

I wonder how many feeling words there are?

Imagine and Design:

When you are happy, where do you feel happy in your body?  Describe it.  That is a sensation.

When you are sad, where do you feel sad in your body?  Describe it.  That is also a sensation.

Decide which color pad will be used to write down feelings and which color will be used for body sensations?

Test and Discuss:

During the course of the next week, at least once a day…..stop and notice how you are feeling.  Name an emotion you have felt that day and talk about how it shows up in your body.  On one post it,

write the emotion.  On the other post it, the sensation(s).  (Young children will need you to scribe for them.  Some children can draw.)  Use this opportunity to introduce new emotional language,

and make a point of engaging in conversation that broadens emotional awareness “in the moment” during the day.

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