Feed the Birds

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Peel the oranges and cut the apples into slices. Thread the string onto the needle, then thread the fruits onto the string alternating the fruits. Feel free to add whatever fruits you have on hand. Hang the garland on a tree, bush, a balcony or fence rail. Sit back and observe.

Question and Wonder:

  • Why is it hard to find food in winter? What do birds normally eat?
  • What birds do you notice staying in your neighborhood? How many different kinds can you spot?
  • Where do birds live when it is cold? How do they stay warm?

Imagine and Design:

  • Which birds do you think will like the apples best? The oranges? Why?
  • How will you thread the fruit onto the string? What pattern will you make? Why?
  • Which fruit did you use the most of? Which was the easiest to string? Why?

Test and Discuss:

  • What birds do you observe eating the fruits?
  • Were you right about which birds would like which fruits?
  • Keep a record of all the birds that come to fee on your garland. What time of day do they come?
  • Draw a picture of all the birds that come to eat, making note of their color, size and shape. Then see if you can find out their names. Where would you look?
  • What other things can you do to help the birds and other creatures around you?

Did you Know?

When you put food out for birds or other creatures, they come to rely on that food source. So, if you start it is important to commit to feeding them all winter. Replenish the garland as needed throughout the winter months.

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