What's my favorite food?

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Question and Wonder:

  • What is your favorite thing to eat? Why do you like it?
  • How does it feel in your mouth? What is the texture? crunchy? gooey?
  • What other food do you like?
  • Do they have thee same texture as your favorite food? creamy? sticky?
  • What do you think would happen if you mixed your favorite food with a food that you don’t like?

Set a variety of foods on the table in front of you. Make sure some are your favorites and some are foods you have never tasted before. Use the plates or placemats to make different categories for sorting the foods.

Imagine and Design:

  • Look at the foods in front of you. How do you imagine they will taste? Why do you think that?
  • Do you think the foods you like all have similar characteristics like color? texture?
  • As you taste the foods, sort them into categories like how they taste – sweet, sour, bitter, or by color, or maybe texture….how will you sort them?
  • Did you notice anything when you were sorting the foods? What was it?
  • What will happen if you taste more than one at a time? How will the flavors mix?

Test and Discuss:

  • After trying and sorting these foods, do you think you can predict what things you will like and what you won’t like? Why? How?
  • Were you surprised at how some of the foods tasted? Why? What surprised you ?
  • How does your favorite food compare to your family’s favorite foods?
  • Do you think your favorite food would be different if you lived somewhere else?
  • Will your favorite foods change as you get older? Why do you think that?

Did You Know?

How something tastes may have to do with how many taste buds you have on your tongue.  The more taste buds you have, the more sensitive your tongue is to food that is bitter, sweet or salty.

Test it out!  Are you a supertaster? Put some blue food coloring on your tongue and then swallow 2-3 times. Stick out your tongue in front of a mirror. The pink bumps are your taste buds. How many do you see? If you have a lot of pink bumps, you might be what is called a “supertaster!” Learn more about your tastebuds here:

Go to 

Is your favorite food part of what your state is known for?

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