Falls of the Ohio

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What to expect?

  • Travel time: 15 minutes from downtown Louisville.
  • Falls of the Ohio is a state park located in southern Indiana next to the river
  • Families may walk on the fossil beds located next to the river or tour the Interpretive Center that feature these exhibits: Ancient Sea, A Changing Land, Converging Cultures, The Falls Today and a Wildlife Observation Room.
  • Cost: Admission – $2 parking. Interpretive Center: $9 – 12 years and older, $7 – 5 to 11 years, under 5 – no cost. Indiana State Park pass waives parking fee, not Interpretive Center admission fee. National park passes do not apply here.
  • Click the link for more information:

Question and Wonder:

  • How are fossils created and why are they found here?
  • Animals and plants were different in the Devonian age than they are now. Why do you think their characteristics and adaptations changed?

Discussion and Conversations:

  • Using paper and crayons, dry rub three different fossils found in the beds. Describe your fossil to a family member. Based on your description, do they think it is a plant (flora) or an animal (fauna)?
  • If you lived in the 1600s, what would a normal day be like for you and your family? How would it differ from a normal day now?

Did you Know?

Where we live now used to be a tropical shallow sea. That means limestone was formed millions of years ago. Where do we find limestone in our everyday lives and how does it react to current climate conditions?

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