Earth Art

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Have you ever wondered if you can make art with no art supplies?  Create a wonderful work of art just using the materials around you!

Question and Wonder:

  • What kinds of things could you use?
  • What does art mean to you? Where can you find it?
  • How does art make you feel?

Imagine and Design:

  • Find a patch of dirt in your yard or the park. Grab a stick and draw a design or picture in the dirt.
  • Look around for things you can add to your artwork – rocks, seeds, leaves, anything you’d like to enhance your work of art!
  • Can you create art with a friend? What types of items would they include?
  • Take a picture of your creation.

Test and Discuss:

  • Visit your artwork on different days. Is it still the same? Compare it with the picture you took. How has it changed?
  • Do you like the changes? What made them?
  • How long did it last?
  • Who do you think saw your work? How do you think it made them feel?

Did you Know? 

Before pencils, paper, paint and other art tools, people drew in the dirt and the sand. They stacked rocks in ways that pleased them, drew on rocks with sticks from their fire, used paint made from charcoal and iron in the rocks to make pictures on the walls of caves. Why do you think they did that?

Remember, your child’s brain is a sponge, soaking up words, experiences, sensations. Even if they cannot speak yet, talk to them, with them, ask questions. They are hearing and absorbing, and you are giving them language for their thoughts.

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