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    A Little Messy

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All you will need is your body, your voice, and the world around you wherever you are

Give them a few minutes into their big feelings, then ask if they’d like to try a Do-Over.

Question and Wonder:

Ask them if there’s another way they could react to the disappointment?

Provide some ideas and let them share their ideas as well.

Example: It was frustrating that you didn’t get what you wanted. What’s another way you could react in that moment? Could you tell me how frustrating that is and ask if maybe things could be different later on?

Imagine and Design:

Choose a time before the disappointment happened and rewind back to that moment (make this silly, walk backwards, incorporate sounds – physically rewind to get you both back into the moment.)

Test and Discuss:

Now repeat what was happening that led up to the big feelings. Allow both of you to react in a new way. How did that feel? How can we use what we learned in a Do-Over to help us the next time that big feelings emerge?

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