Different Eyes Bingo

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Question and Wonder:

  • Friends, family and neighbors all have different colored eyes; does that mean we all see different colors?
  • If an animal has a different shaped eye, does that change the shapes they see?
  • How do you look to an animal at the zoo? Why would you look different?

Imagine and Design:

  • Where could you go as a family to find as many different types of colors and shapes of eyes? Maybe the zoo or a local park?
  • Using a blank piece of paper and a ruler, create a bingo grid. Draw or write the types of eyes you imagine you will see in the squares.
  • As you explore your destination, use a stamp to indicate every time you find that type of eye.

Test and Discuss:

  • How many different types of eyes did you discover? Were there any that surprised you or left you asking questions?
  • Research the different eyes you found today and learn more about the animals they belong to.

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