Deepening Connections

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    1-2 hours

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    A Little Messy

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Grab some photos or a phone camera, a pencil, and paper.

Question and Wonder:

  • Who are some of our favorite friends and relatives that we are missing right now?
  • Where are some of our favorite places that we haven’t been able to visit for a while?
  • What makes these people and places so special to us? Let’s brainstorm all the things we love about them.

Imagine and Design:

Let’s imagine we are going on a road trip to see our friends and family.

  • Who will we see first?
  • What will we tell them when we get there?
  • Who will we see after that? And so on.
  • What if we planned a trip around town to visit all our favorite places. How would we plan our day?

Assemble pictures of your child’s favorite family members and friends. If you need to have them send one to you, do that. Gather pictures of your child’s favorite places around town, or take a field trip to those places and take photos from your car. Zero in on some of your child’s favorite things about those places. Glue pictures to sheets of paper and scribe for your child the way they would want to label each page. Clip the top and bottom edges of the “book” with staples or binder clips. Or, if printing your pictures isn’t possible, you can make a “book” on the computer by just putting pictures into a word or google document.

Test and Discuss:

  • Who should we share our favorite people and places book with?
  • Would a face time call be possible, so we can share with someone we haven’t been able to see in a long time?
  • Maybe it’s even someone who is featured in your book.
  • Can you tell that person why they are so special to you? Ask them why you are special to them.

If you could add pages to your book, what would they show? Are there other ways you can tell the people you love in your life how you feel about them? What other ways can you show friendship and connection?

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