Collecting Smiles

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Question and Wonder:

  • Do the expressions on our face effect those around us? How?
  •  How do you feel when you smile? When someone smiles at you?
  • Do you want to smile back?
  • When you are smiling are you sharing something? What?
  • Why do you think we smile when we are happy?
  • Are there other ways to show we are happy?

Imagine and Design:

  • What kind of things, activities or people make you smile?
  • How can you make other people smile?
  • Does smiling change how you feel? Why do you think that?

When you are out and about, smile at people. Make note of what happens when you smile.

Test and Discuss:

  • Did everyone you smiled at, smile back? Why do you think it happened that way?
  • Was it easier to get children to smile back or adults?
  • Why do you think your smile made others smile? Do you think it changed how they felt?
  • Do you think your smile makes them more likely to smile at others?
  • Sit with a group of friends, pair off. One of you smile while the other tries not to. How long did it take before they smiled? Who held it the longest? How did they do It?

Write a story about your smile journey. How far do you think it will travel?

Did you Know?

When you smile, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel happy and safe.Smiling at your baby makes them feel secure, it tells them all us right with their world.

Learn more about what’s in a smile by clicking here:

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