Asia Institute - Crane House

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Until you can visit in person, check out their website:

What to Expect:

Learning about the people and lands of Asia, and exchanging cultural information.

  • Hours: Tuesday – Friday 9:30a – 4:30p, Closed on Mondays and weekends
  • Admission fees: Free
  • Location: 1244 S. Third St., Louisville, KY 40203

Question and Wonder:

  • On a rainy day, what are your “go-to” hobbies or crafts? Do you think kids around the world do the same things? Explore Asian cultures at Crane House and create a list of ways other kids entertain themselves in another part of the world.

Discussion and Conversations:

  • By looking around at what is on display, how would you describe Asian culture? What is similar to your culture and what is different?
  • Did you notice anything that intrigued you or made you want to learn more about it?


  • Was there anything you noticed at the institute that you would like to try at home? Maybe stamps, pottery or painting?
  • On the Asia Institutes website, find some at-home projects to get you started.
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