A Recipe for Something Sweet

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Question and Wonder:

  • What ingredients do you think make something sweet versus salty or sour?
  • What are your favorite flavors? Why?
  • Why do treats like cupcakes, cookies and chocolate have different shapes and textures?
  • Does the texture make it taste better?
  • What about the way it looks? Smells?

Create a list of ingredients and tools needed to make your favorite treat. Write down what you have to do to make it.

Imagine and Design:

  • What are the ingredients you need to give your treat the right texture or taste?
  • How much of each ingredient will you need?
  • What tools will you need to use?
  • Does it need to be baked? What temperature?
  • Chilled in the refrigerator? How long?

Find the recipe to make your favorite treat. Compare the recipe with what you wrote.

Test and Discuss:

  • How did you do? Did you guess well? What were the differences?
  •  Are there any ingredients or instructions on the recipe that surprise you?
  • Do you think your recipe would taste better than the actual recipe?
  • And now the best part! Make your favorite treat.
  • Now that you have enjoyed your treat, how do you think you could change the recipe to make it even better?

Did You Know?

Here are some easy recipes to try with your kids:


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