A Bird’s Eye View: Migration Obstacle Course

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Birds migrate for several reasons. Migration is a necessary part of the survival of many types of birds. … During the winter, birds migrate south, and in the spring they return to the north where the weather has changed from cold to warm. The warmer weather in the spring means there will now be enough food for the birds.

Question and Wonder:

  • Birds fly above everything, so why are there things that get in their way?
  • What kinds of obstacles do you think birds encounter?
  • Why do birds migrate?
  • Where are they going when they fly?

Using paper, draw your town or neighborhood. Pretend you are flying over your drawing.

Imagine and Design:

  • What are some buildings or other structures that might be a problem for a flying bird?
  • What might be in their way when they fly?
  • How could we help them get where they need to go?

From your drawing, take the recycled materials and toys to create how you imagine a bird obstacle course might look.

Test and Discuss:

  • Test it out with family and friends in the neighborhood. What ideas do they have to make a bird migration easier?
  • Research bird migration and types of birds that fly long distances. Talk about the kinds of obstacles they might encounter and how they get past them.
  • If you were a bird, where would you migrate? When? Why?

Did you Know?

Lean more about bird migration here:

Do you know birds are not the only creatures that migrate? Why might other species move from one place to another?


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