Question and Wonder: Use one bowl of snow to explore.  Feel it, smell it, taste it. What is snow?  Where does it come from?  Where does it go?  Why is it here sometimes and not others?  What does it smell like? What does it taste like?  What does it feel like? Imagine and Design: Now […]

Question and Wonder: What happened before things blew up? What happened during your scuffle? What happened after? Imagine and Design: Narrate what you noticed: “I noticed you were really upset when your sister took your toy.  You were crying and hit her.” Affirm the feelings and acknowledge behavior: “Its ok to be angry but it […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder what you love about yourself?  I wonder what parts of your body you like?  I wonder why? I wonder what things you enjoy doing?  I wonder what makes those things enjoyable?  I wonder what makes you happy?  I wonder how happiness feels and what it looks like? Imagine and Design: […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder what you are most worried about? (i.e. getting sick, not ever being able to see Grandma again) I wonder if there is anything that scares you?  (i.e. monsters under my bed, the dark, loud noises) I wonder what would help you worry less or be less scared?  (i.e. knowing we […]

Question and Wonder: When I move what parts of my body am I using? What movements are easy to do? Why? What movements are difficult to do? Why? Imagine and Design: Imagine different movements you think you can try together! What are some movements you could practice and eventually be able to do? Test and […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder how many feelings we have in a day, or a week? I wonder how our body helps us know what we are feeling? I wonder how many feeling words there are? Imagine and Design: When you are happy, where do you feel happy in your body?  Describe it.  That is […]

Question and Wonder: Assemble the supplies on the table and wonder aloud about what you might do with them. Explore the supplies: look, touch, smell and talk about what you observe together. What do you think we could make? What about making something with hair, or a fairie forest, or an animal with spikes? Imagine […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder what’s going on in my baby’s brain? I wonder what I can be doing to help support my baby’s brain development? Imagine and Design: Let’s think of some things we can do to foster a physical connection with baby. Let’s think of some things we can do to promote trust […]

Question and Wonder: If we made up a story that had two characters, what would they be?  What would their names be? Where would our characters live and where would our story take place? If our characters were having a conversation, what would they be talking about? What do you think makes for a good […]

Question and Wonder: Is there something you have been working hard on learning? I wonder what you are really good at? I wonder if there’s something you would like to teach to someone?   Imagine and Design: Do you think you can teach me how to do that? What will we need? Let’s do it!  […]