All you will need is your body, your voice, and the world around you wherever you are Give them a few minutes into their big feelings, then ask if they’d like to try a Do-Over. Question and Wonder: Ask them if there’s another way they could react to the disappointment? Provide some ideas and let […]

Question and Wonder: What do you think the word gratitude means?  (Gratitude is when we express appreciation and thanks for the good things in our lives.) What are some things that you are thankful for? What are some different kinds of ways we can say thank you/express appreciation for something? How do you feel when […]

During an entire day (or two, or a whole week) document every “why?” question your child has.  Later, see if there are themes.  Cluster them into general topics if there are. Look at them with your child and pick a few subjects or themes that together you would like to explore more. Google “learn about […]

What to Expect: WorldFest, one of the region’s largest international festivals, celebrates its 18th anniversary with four days of expanded world food, music, dance, culture and education this Labor Day weekend September 4-7, 2020 (tentatively scheduled).  ‘WorldFest is a great event for exploring and celebrating Louisville’s many faces and cultures and we always look to make it […]

Question and Wonder: Why do we keep time? How can we tell time is passing without a clock? What things change as time passes? Imagine and Design: How could you make something to measure the movement of time? What things around you can you observe to tell the time? How does the movement of time […]

Prep: (let the kids help) 3 parts baking soda + 1 part water + Jell-O powder (however much you want to add) and mix well– you want it to be like a paste (they come out of the tray more easily). If it gets too runny, just add more baking soda. Fill the ice cube […]

Note: Right now we can’t visit the zoo in person, but this link gives you access to live cams at zoos and rescues all over the world: Question and Wonder: Do you think the animals will be in the same spot when you come back? Why might they like to move around? Do you […]

What to Expect: Blackacre is a nature preserve that includes a historic homestead and an educational center. The entrance is off of Tucker Station Road, and then you drive back to the homestead and other trailheads. Here is a link to their website to help you plan your visit. Question and Wonder: Walk around the […]

The Frazier History Museum is where the world meets Kentucky. It is a home for everything that people in Kentucky are most proud of, bringing history to life for visitors through exhibits, artifacts and live performances every day.  The Frazier is proud to present multiple live performances every day by our talented staff of costumed […]

The Muhammad Ali Center is a multicultural center with an award-winning museum dedicated to the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali. The Center’s museum captures the inspiration derived from the story of Muhammad Ali’s incredible life and the six core principles that have fueled his journey. What to Expect: Hours: 12:00-5:00pm, Monday closed with exception […]