All you will need is your body, your voice, and the world around you wherever you are Give them a few minutes into their big feelings, then ask if they’d […]

Question and Wonder: What do you think the word gratitude means?  (Gratitude is when we express appreciation and thanks for the good things in our lives.) What are some things […]

During an entire day (or two, or a whole week) document every “why?” question your child has.  Later, see if there are themes.  Cluster them into general topics if there […]

What to Expect: WorldFest, one of the region’s largest international festivals, celebrates its 18th anniversary with four days of expanded world food, music, dance, culture and education this Labor Day weekend […]

Question and Wonder: Why do we keep time? How can we tell time is passing without a clock? What things change as time passes? Imagine and Design: How could you […]

Prep: (let the kids help) 3 parts baking soda + 1 part water + Jell-O powder (however much you want to add) and mix well– you want it to be […]

Note: Right now we can’t visit the zoo in person, but this link gives you access to live cams at zoos and rescues all over the world: Question and […]

The Frazier History Museum is where the world meets Kentucky. It is a home for everything that people in Kentucky are most proud of, bringing history to life for visitors […]

The Muhammad Ali Center is a multicultural center with an award-winning museum dedicated to the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali. The Center’s museum captures the inspiration derived from the […]