Question and Wonder: What would you do with your very own fort? Or cave? How could you make one? What would you do inside? How many people would fit? What […]

Question and Wonder: What do you think are the ingredients in bread? Does all bread feel and taste the same? Why do you have to bake the dough? What happens […]

Question and Wonder: How are watercolors different from other paint? Where do watercolors come from? What are crayons made of? Do you think crayons and watercolors will mix? Why? Examine […]

Question and Wonder: Where do puddles come from? Why do they disappear? Why doesn’t a river disappear like a puddle? A lake? The ocean? I wonder where the water goes…. […]

Question and Wonder: What are puzzles made of? Where do they find the pictures they put on puzzles? I wonder if you can guess at the picture by looking at […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder if the birds I hear at the corner are the same birds I hear at my house… Does the air smell the same no matter […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder if my feet can do what my hands do? How are my toes different from my fingers? Why do we walk on our feet and […]

What to Expect: The Waterfront Botanical Gardens site lies within the boundaries of one of Louisville’s oldest city areas, known as “The Point.” This area has seen dramatic changes over […]