Question and Wonder: What would you do with your very own fort? Or cave? How could you make one? What would you do inside? How many people would fit? What materials do you think you would need? Do you want it large and airy or small and dark? Why? Imagine and Design: How will build […]

Question and Wonder: What do you think are the ingredients in bread? Does all bread feel and taste the same? Why do you have to bake the dough? What happens to the dough when you bake it? Imagine and Design: Does a loaf of bread have to be a one shape? What shape will you […]

Question and Wonder: How are watercolors different from other paint? Where do watercolors come from? What are crayons made of? Do you think crayons and watercolors will mix? Why? Examine the watercolor paints and the crayons. What do you notice? Look at the different papers. How are they different from each other? Imagine and Design: […]

Question and Wonder: Why do we have stairs? Where did elevators come from? How do they work? Why do the doors open that way? Why do escalators only go up or down? Where do the stairs go at the top and bottom? I wonder if there are other ways to get up and down inside…. […]

Question and Wonder: Where do puddles come from? Why do they disappear? Why doesn’t a river disappear like a puddle? A lake? The ocean? I wonder where the water goes…. Imagine and Design: Does a puddle last longer when it is cold or hot? Why? Where does the water go? Why can’t we see it […]

Question and Wonder: What are puzzles made of? Where do they find the pictures they put on puzzles? I wonder if you can guess at the picture by looking at just one piece. What pictures make the best puzzles? The hardest? Why? Using the ruler, take two of the sticks and mark ¼” from the […]

Question and Wonder: Where did couches come from? Why do we use furniture? I wonder if all furniture is the same… Does everyone sit on a couch? Why do you think that? How can you find out? Walk around your house and examine the different pieces of furniture. Sit on them, use them, think about […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder if the birds I hear at the corner are the same birds I hear at my house… Does the air smell the same no matter where I stand in my neighborhood? Can I see my house from the next block? Will it look the same? I wonder how my neighborhood […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder if my feet can do what my hands do? How are my toes different from my fingers? Why do we walk on our feet and not our hands? What would the world look like if we walked on our hands? Place a large piece of paper or cardboard on a […]

What to Expect: The Waterfront Botanical Gardens site lies within the boundaries of one of Louisville’s oldest city areas, known as “The Point.” This area has seen dramatic changes over the years, beginning in the antebellum period, when Fulton Street was lined with summer homes of prosperous French families from New Orleans, who came north […]