Question and Wonder: What do you think are the ingredients in bread? Does all bread feel and taste the same? Why do you have to bake the dough? What happens […]

Peel the oranges and cut the apples into slices. Thread the string onto the needle, then thread the fruits onto the string alternating the fruits. Feel free to add whatever […]

Question and Wonder: How does art make you feel? Why do we hang art on our walls? What kinds of pictures do you like on your wall? How could create […]

Instructions as well as tips and tricks for making your balloon planet can be found here: Question and Wonder: What does your home or neighborhood look like from outer […]

Note: Right now we can’t visit the zoo in person, but this link gives you access to live cams at zoos and rescues all over the world: Question and […]

Take 3-5 pages of construction paper, stack, and fold in the middle, stapling along the spine. Question and Wonder: What do you observe in the sky? Do clouds stay in […]

Question and Wonder: Why do leaves fall from the trees? Do all trees lose their leaves? What’s different about the ones that don’t? Why do we rake the leaves in […]

Question and Wonder: Based on how big or small the plant is that you plant in the ground, what kind of shadow do you think it will create? How will the […]

Question and Wonder: Where do the stars go in the daytime? Why can you only see them at night? Does the sun really go down? Where does it go? Does […]