All you will need is your body, your voice, and the world around you wherever you are Give them a few minutes into their big feelings, then ask if they’d […]

Question and Wonder: Use one bowl of snow to explore.  Feel it, smell it, taste it. What is snow?  Where does it come from?  Where does it go?  Why is […]

Question and Wonder: What happened before things blew up? What happened during your scuffle? What happened after? Imagine and Design: Narrate what you noticed: “I noticed you were really upset […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder what you love about yourself?  I wonder what parts of your body you like?  I wonder why? I wonder what things you enjoy doing?  I […]

Question and Wonder: What do you think the word gratitude means?  (Gratitude is when we express appreciation and thanks for the good things in our lives.) What are some things […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder what you are most worried about? (i.e. getting sick, not ever being able to see Grandma again) I wonder if there is anything that scares […]

Question and Wonder: When I move what parts of my body am I using? What movements are easy to do? Why? What movements are difficult to do? Why? Imagine and […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder how many feelings we have in a day, or a week? I wonder how our body helps us know what we are feeling? I wonder […]

Question and Wonder: Assemble the supplies on the table and wonder aloud about what you might do with them. Explore the supplies: look, touch, smell and talk about what you […]

Question and Wonder: I wonder what’s going on in my baby’s brain? I wonder what I can be doing to help support my baby’s brain development? Imagine and Design: Let’s […]