Every Day is a Big Little Adventure

Building on the natural curiosity, deep passion, and busy habits of young children, My Big Little Adventure offers a continually updated road map of activities, events and resources designed especially for children ages 0-5 and their families and caregivers.

My Big Little Adventure invites adults and kids to read, play and explore together.

The journey begins with a selection of books available at our local libraries that match with a community theme. Reading sparks curiosity in a topic and opens the door to wanting to know more.

Every few months you can jump into a new theme.

This website can quickly become your go-to place for ways to explore and learn together in your home, your neighborhood and in our city. Because this is a community initiative, other families will be part of this adventure network too.

So grab a family member or friend and get started!

  • 51.3% of children in Kentucky are kindergarten ready*

  • 55% of children in Jefferson County are kindergarten ready*

  • 90% of brain architecture is completed by age 5**

  • 81.7% of everything we know is learned outside of school†

Everyday moments become teachable ones through the power of play and exploration.

Parents and caregivers always want the best for children and are natural “first teachers” through simple, everyday interactions. My Big Little Adventure is an easily accessible and understandable roadmap of enrichment activities that support the development of 21st century skills and help get children kindergarten ready. Presently, roughly half of Kentucky children arrive at kindergarten prepared and ready to learn, and we are working hard as a community to improve that to have 77% ready by 2020. So much can be done by simply cultivating a love of everyday learning and building on the things around us that interest our children.

We encourage families and caregivers to join with their children in:

  • Noticing 
  • Exploring 
  • Wondering 
  • Imagining 
  • Trying  
  • Working together 
  • Figuring it out, and  
  • Talking about it  
  • Helping prepare young children for success in school, work and life

Helping Children and Families Thrive

Healthy, thriving children and families result in a thriving community and economy. The Mayor’s Cradle to Career framework is an established city-wide effort to increase school readiness, high school graduation rates, college/career readiness, postsecondary success, innovation and employment.  

School readiness in Kentucky means that each child enters school ready to engage in and benefit from early learning experiences that best promote the child’s success and ability to be ready to grow, ready to learn, and ready to succeed (Kentucky Governor’s Office of Early Childhood).

Adults want the best for children.   

As a community, our focus is on supporting parents and caregivers.  Increasing a parent’s or caregiver’s knowledge about how to turn everyday experiences into something more, and how to get involved in learning with the young children in their lives, is empowering and satisfying.  And it has positive results.

What is K Readiness Anyway?

Stakeholders at the local, state and federal levels agree that a child’s future academic success is dependent on being ready to learn and participate in a successful kindergarten experience as documented by the National Institute for Early Education Research’s Preschool Policy Facts report. Harvard Center on the Developing Child reminds us that more than 1 million new neural connections are made per second in the first few years of life. What we do early, and how we learn as families and communities right from the start, truly does matter. School readiness is dependent on foundational skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaborating, communicating, cooperating and creativity. General math and language development skills are also essential, along with health and physical well-being.

An atmosphere of family enrichment and excitement for learning plays a big part in being ready for school. My Big Little Adventure can help make that easy and fun for everyone.


What influences K Readiness?

Readiness is influenced by family and other environmental factors and can be enhanced through effective preschool education and enrichment experiences like those offered by the My Big Little Adventure’s partners — Bernheim Forest, Kentucky Science Center, StageOne and the Louisville Zoo — through family, public and even teacher-support programs.  

Early exposure to experiences that help children be school ready set them up for future success in school and in life.  My Big Little Adventure is poised to serve as not only a site for expansive and stimulating family interactions, but also as a catalyst for helping parents, caregivers and teachers excel at promoting growth and learning for young children.   

When children enter kindergarten without the tools to fully engage in and benefit from educational experiences, they quickly fall behind their peers.  For many children, this hurdle becomes the first of many that stand in the way of achieving positive self-esteem, educational goals, and ultimately, life-long success.   


* Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics, 2018 report

** Dobbing and Sands, Quantitative Growth and Development of the Human Brain

† National Research Council, Surrounded by Science: Learning Science in Informal Environments2010

About Our Sponsor

PNC Grow Up Great® is a $350 million, multi-year, bilingual initiative that began in 2004 to help prepare children from birth to age 5 for success in school and life. To date, the program has served over 4 million children.  

Founded by The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., PNC Grow Up Great and PNC Crezca con Éxito form a comprehensive, bilingual program designed to help prepare children — particularly underserved children — for success in school and life. Through the program, PNC emphasizes the importance of the first five years of life, which research has shown is critical to long-term achievement, and provides innovative opportunities that assist families, educators and community partners to enhance children’s learning and development. An investment in pre-K students makes good economic sense and plants the seeds for the dynamic workforce of tomorrow. 


Our Partners

My Big Little Adventure is a community collaborative between six organizations who share an interest in reaching and teaching young children and their parents and caregivers.  These partners believe in the power of everyday experiences and the fun of connecting learning to personal adventure.

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