Be Kind to Yourself

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Getting Started

Tear a piece of paper into strips. On each strip, write one thing that makes you feel happy, calm or peaceful, when you do it. For the little ones, ask your child what things they like to do. Put the strips in a bucket or bowl, box…anything you can reach into and everyday pull out a strip and do what it says. When you have worked your way through all the things, put them back in the bowl and start over.

Ask the people around you to tell 3 things they love about you. Make a list of all the things. Stand in front of the mirror and say them this way, “I am ________ and that makes me lovable.”

For example: your brother said he loves you because you make him laugh. Stand in front of the mirror and say, “I am funny and that makes me lovable.”

(Optional) Use the glass crayons to draw a scene around your reflection that makes you happy. Picture yourself there.

Question and Wonder:

  • Why do some things make us feel good and others not so good?
  • How do you feel when someone says something nice or kind to or about you?
  • I wonder what the world would be like if we only said kind things to each other….

Imagine and Design:

  • Think about the things you put on your list. Why do they make you feel good?
  • Do you think others you know have the same things on their lists?
  • Ask your friends and family about the things that make them feel good. Think of ways you can all be kinder to each other.

Test and Discuss:

  • After a couple days of being kind to yourself, do you feel differently than before you started? What’s different?
  • What do you notice about how you treat others after being kind to yourself?
  • What does this tell you about the power of KINDNESS?

Did you Know?

Being kind to yourself doesn’t take away from being able to be kind to others. In fact, the opposite is true. Taking the time to be kind to yourself fills your kindness cup so you are better able to share kindness with others. It makes your life happier. And happier people are always a good thing.

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